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Needle / Chisel Scalers

Texas Pneumatic scalers have been proven throughout the industrial job sites, as well as construction and marine repair industry.

  • Made in the USA
  • World class value pricing
  • Quality equal to or better than competitively made scalers
  • Tools have been proven in thousands of applications
  • Tens of thousands of these tools are in the field
  • Completely convertible from needle to chisel scaler and visa versa

Tool Applications

  • De-rusting and cleaning metals
  • Peening of welded joints
  • Cleaning castings
  • Cleaning welding slag
  • Removing barnacles
  • Removing paint, rust and dirt
  • Chipping stone, concrete and brick
  • Needle scalers adjust to any surface contour automatically

TX1B Needle/Chisel Scaler            

TX182 Needle/Chisel Scaler                

TX456 Needle/Chisel Scaler



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