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Air Receiver Tanks

air manifold

ASME Certified

Horizontal and Vertical Air receiver tanks - 200 psi Working Pressure.  All tanks primer coated.


  • Helps maintain a constant, stable pressure for your air system and stores a large volume of air.
  • Provides an area to accumulate and drain moisture
  • Eliminates pulsation of air set up in compression process
  • For use with shop air supply
  • Helps prevent pressure drops in auto painting air supply
  • Helps maintain pressure in sand blasting
Part No. Description Price
60ARV200 ASME Vertical 60 Gal Air Receiver Tank 2" NPT $1,400.00
80ARH200 ASME Horizontal 80 Gal Air Receiver Tank $1,800.00
80ARV200 ASME Vertical 80 Gal Air Receiver Tank 2" NPT $1,700.00
120ARH200 ASME Horizontal 120 Gal Air Receiver Tank $2,600.00
120ARV200 ASME Vertical 125 Gal Air Receiver Tank 2" NPT $2,000.00
200ARH200 ASME Horizontal 200 Gal Air Receiver Tank $3,700.00
200ARV200 ASME Vertical 200 Gal Air Reeiver Tank 2" NPT $3,100.00
240ARH200 ASME Horizontal 240 Gal Air Receiver Tank $4,300.00
240ARV200 ASME Vertical 240 Gal Air Receiver Tank, 2" NPT $3,400.00
400ARV200 ASME Vertical 400 Gal Air Receiver Tank, 2" NPT $6,200.00