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Texas Pneumatic proudly introduces the TX-3AMF, the second in its series of ASME approved manifolds.  This smaller version is much more accommodating to carry into confined spaces such as airliners for cabin and seat repair.  It fits neatly into large toolboxes for storage.  It can be equipped with universal (crowsfoot type) couplers or 14", 38" or 12" quick disconnect industrial couplers with hose barb plug included.


  • Both sizes can be used in tandem to provide as many outlets as needed
  • Keep work site uncluttered by having only one hose going to work area
  • Both meet all OSHA guidelines:  ASME approved tank
  • ASME pop-off valve (200 psi) to prevent excessive pressure buildup
  • Equipped with a gauge to monitor working pressure
  • Brass drain cock to vent water droplets

The larger air receivers/air manifolds provide a dual purpose for your air handling systems.  They help to maintain a constant stable pressure and store a greater volume of air.  They also provide a greater range of outlet sizes to match the required applications.  Both have two 2" ball valves for use in high volume requirements such as sand blasting.  For other requirements, they are equipped with four 1" ball valves and two 34" ball valves.  A liquid filled pressure gauge helps to eliminate misreading caused by pulsation of air set up in the compression process.  The drain cock is left slightly open to drain moisture from the air receiver.  A high volume air relieving valve (spring loaded) is set to prevent the receiver from exceeding the maximum allowable working pressure of the air receiver by no more than 10% (a guideline of the ASME code).


  • User ready on delivery
  • Easily bolts to skids or other surfaces
  • Multiple manifolds can be used in tandem
  • Helps maintain a cleaner work site 
Part No. Description Weight
Inlet Size
No. of
TX2AMF Air Manifold - 15 Gal 63 15 39 12 22 2 8- 34" 200 15 $1,355.00
TX3AMF Air Manifold with 1½" Water Filter & 100oz. Collection Bowl 21 12 20 8 14 1 4 200 2.5 $975.00
TX3AMF-QC500 Air Manifold - ½" Quick Release 21 12 20 8 14 1 4 200 2.5 $1,000.00
TX3AMF-QC250 Air Manifold - ¼" Quick Release 21 12 20 8 14 1 4 200 2.5 $1,000.00
TX3AMF-QC375 Air Manifold - 38" Quick Release 21 12 20 8 14 1 4 200 2.5 $1,000.00
TX4AMF Air Manifold - 30 Gal 115 27 46 16 36 2 8 200 30 $2,325.00
TX5AMF Air Manifold - 60 Gal 193 32 60 20 39 2 8 200 60 $2,700.00
TX6AMF TX6 Air Manifold - 10 Gal
California Permit Exempt
51 16 36 10 20 2 8 150 10 $1,355.00


Manifold Cage for 2AMF and 6AMF TX10099 $750.00


TX4AMF Manifold Spare Parts List


Air Tool Consumption x Number of Tools = CFM Required


  • Particulate filters produce clean air at the tool preventing downtime
  • Water filters (particulate filters) produce clean, dry air at the tool preventing rust and clogging which reduces downtime of tools and saves money
  • Conveniently manufactured to save you time
  • Baffles increase interior surface area for improved condensation collection
  • Cage protects valves and makes it easy to roll around
  • Ball valves control the number of outlets available
  • Pressure relief valve provides protection against excessive pressure buildup
The Texas Pnuematic Air Manifold can be used in any industry where there is a need to have multiple outlets of air to supply various pneumatic tools simultaneously.  The manifold comes with a 1-12" air inlet and can be dispersed through up to six separate 34" Chicago couplings.  Each outlet is regulated by a bronze safety lock on/off self-relieving ball valve. For an adequate air supply to each tool use the formula:
Part No. Description Weight
Diameter(in) Inlet Size
No. of
TX1AMF Air Manifold 102 15 36 6 $1,750.00
TX1AMF-WF550 Air Manifold with 1½" Water Filter & 50oz. Collection Bowl 102 15 36 6 QUOTE
TX1AMF-WF910 Air Manifold with 1½" Water Filter & 100oz. Collection Bowl 102 15 36 6 $2,200.00
TX10017 Air Manifold Filter Kit $40.45
TX10019 Large Manifold Cage $543.90


Spare Parts List for TX1AMF
Spare Parts List for TX1AMF-WF550 and 910