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T3 Triple Piston Scaler with Carbide Tip Piston

Piston Scalers are used for many different surface preparation projects. They can be used to remove heavy rust, scale, paint or industrial coatings from metal surfaces.  They can also be used to rough concrete prior to resurfacing.  The pistons used for these applications range from standard steel (TX-00146) to carbide tipped (TX-00150) or REXALLOY ®™ which is a solid cobalt alloy (TX-00151).  

Please note, solid cobalt alloy pistons (TX-00151) should not be used for concrete surface preparations.  It has been found that silica in concrete causes heat buildup in the REXALLOY ®™ pistons which in turn causes the pistons to wear more rapidly.  REXALLOY®™ pistons should ONLY be used on metal surfaces and primarily for their spark resistance.

REXALLOY ®™ pistons are spark resistant as per parameters used  by O.S.H.A. in reference to U.S. Naval Report No. NGF-T-1-157, NAVORD 5205, agreeing that "ANY" spark produced from impact with this REXALLOY ®™ part will be a cold spark not conductive of ignition in hazardous enviornments.  They are non-magnetic, rust proof and carbide hard.

  • Rugged steel body
  • Lever operated snap handle
  • Optional brass air cock valve available
  • Variety of pistons available
  • Proudly made in USA

Tool Applications

  • Removing rust and paint
  • Removing cement from steel
  • Roughing cement




T3-150 $1,080.00
Stroke  in 1316
Length in 11
Weight  lb 9
Bore  in 1
Air Inlet (NPT)  in 38
Impact Rate bpm 5200
Minimum Hose Size  in 38
Air Consumption  cfm 15
Spare Parts List
Standard Steel Piston   TX00146 $56.30
Steel Piston (2" longer than standard)   TX00147 $62.65
Carbide Tipped Pistion - Chisel Point   TX00149 $QUOTE
Carbide Tipped Pistion - Star Point   TX00150 $201.30
Rexalloy: Solid Colbalt Alloy Piston - Star Point   TX00151 $201.30
Rexalloy:  Solid Colbalt Alloy Piston - Chisel Point   TX00155 $210.90
T3 Triple Piston Scaler Repair Kit   T3RK $224.55

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