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TX-133 Rivet Buster



6" stroke, Open Handle - Outside Trigger


Pound for pound, there is no hammer with more hitting power than a rivet buster.  Even a paving breaker would need to be at least twice as heavy to deliver an equivalent blow.  This super-power can still be controlled thanks to low blow frequency and teasing throttle.  That's why the rivet buster is one of the favorite tools of demolition contractors in the US.  Users have discovered many new applications for rivet busters for working in both concrete and steel.  No longer is the buster used exclusively by iron workers for forming and cutting rivets, but is has now found its way into the hands of operators who need the most powerful tool for the job.

  • Guaranteed to be of the highest quality.  American high tech made!  Tenths of thousands clearance on the valve asembly
  • Positive retention of rivet buster piston to prevent possible injuries
  • Uses a steel throttle valve
  • Two-step piston design
  • Barrel cylinder has a bridge built in for safety - piston will not fall out or be shot out of tool avoiding personal injury

Extra Features

  • Jumbo safety retainer
  • Rugged steel machined handle
  • Adjustable exhaust deflector
  • Heat treated polished steel barrel

The TX-133RB is designed to operate at 90 psi.  It is built to use jumbo steel and upper/lower sleeve and can be converted to run standard steel if desired.

Shipped with hose whip assembly with filter lubricator, 2 upper sleeves, 2 lower sleeves, 2 rubber bumpers and 2 springs, 1 12" point, and 1 12" chisel.



TX133-6RB-OT $1,430.00
Handle Type Open Handle - Outside Trigger
Stroke (in) 6
Weight (lb) 26
Length (in) 20.5
Bore (in) 1-316x6
BPM 1500
Chuck Size (in) Jumbo .866
Air Inlet (NPT) ½
Air Consumption (cfm) 44
Rivet Buster Tools
Spare Parts List
TX133 Accessories Kit - includes:  Upper Sleeve, Lower Sleeve, Bumper and Lock Spring (1 ea) TX133KIT $71.95
Upper Sleeve TP2101 $14.10
Lower Sleeve TP2103 $17.65
Bumper - Orange Urethane 2104-4 $5.50
Lock Spring 2194 $1.80
Retainer 1851 $124.10
Hose Whip Assembly - TX1LF Lubricator with Filter, 6' x 12" Hose & 12" MPT Bent Swivel Hose End TX8HWF1/2 $121.75
Rock Drill Oil - 1 Gallon RDO1G $25.00
Rock Drill Oil - 5 Gallon RDO5G $80.25
Line Oiler LO-10PF $70.50
Whip Check WCSML $12.50
Contractors Air Hose AIRH-19-50R $85.00
Vacuum Dust Extraction Kit - Includes RB-VDEX Rivet Buster Attachment and TAM3P Venturi Vacuum with Pail RB-VDEX-KIT $1,215.00

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