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TXCH3-4B-H 4-Bolt Chipping Hammer

Choosing a Breaking Tool

With 2", 3" and 4" cylinder options, Texas Pneumatic offers a very complete range of chipping hammers for all types of construction and industrial applications

Texas Pneumatic is proud to offer chipping hammers completely made in the USA.  We will guarantee the quality of this chipping hammer versus any chipping hammer in the world.


  • Made in the USA
  • Rocker valve assembly for less maintenance
  • American quality forged steel handle
  • 2", 3" and 4" stroke pistons
  • Available in round or hex bushing
  • High quality alloy steel barrel
  • 4-Bolt design for longer life of handle
  • Quick change retainer for ease in change tools
  • Hose swivel so hose tracks operator movement
  • Lubricator to enhance tool life
  • Rugged construction for use shipyards, refineries and oil field equipment manufacturers

Price includes TX4HW Hose Whip Assembly, a 1291-TPT2 Deluxe Quick Change Retainer, and a 12" moil point and standard chisel.

TXCH3-4B-H $590.00
Bore (in) 1-18
Piston Stroke (in) 3
BPM 1650
Hose Size (in) 12
Overall Length (in) 15-12
Air Consumption (cfm) 33-35
Weight (lb) 19
Chipping Hammer Tools
Spare Parts List
Retainer 1190-SUL1 $53.85
Deluxe Quick Change Retainer 1291-TPT2 $111.65
Retainer Lock Spring 1194-2 $1.80
Rock Drill Oil - 1 Gallon RDO1G $29.00
Rock Drill Oil - 5 Gallon RDO5G $102.00
Line Oiler LO-10PF $70.50
Whip Check WCSML $12.50
Contractors Air Hose AIRH-19-50R $90.00
Hose Whip Assembly TX4HW $103.70