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TX6TN Backfill Tamper

backfill tamper

The Texas Pneumatic rammers are proven in the field. They have a smooth-finished, black oxided body. They are tough, yet easy to handle. These rammers can be used various applications for foundry purposes, as well as construction-related areas.


  • Made in USA
  • High performance with minimum operator fatigue
  • Easy start and stop features
  • Lightweight rugged construction
  • Adjustable packing gland
  • Fast hitting
  • Greatly improves the quality of casting in all types of foundry applications as well as packing sand, packing plastic alumnea in fire walls, and packing cast stone

Tool Applications:

  • Packing sand
  • Packing plastic alumnea in fire walls
  • Packing cast stone

Shipped with TX9HW Whip Hose and Oiler and 5-34" Malleable Iron Butt

Pneumatic Rammer TX6TN $1,290.00
Air Consumption (cfm) 38.5
Stroke (in) 5.5
Weight (lb) 40
Length, including butt (in) 48.25
Bore (in) 1.5
Blows per Minute 800
Taper 804
Inlet 12"
Minimum Hose Size (in) --
Spare Parts List
Hose Whip Assembly TX9HW $79.10
Plunger Packing Set TX60029 <$45.90
Packing Nut TX60023 $2.30
6" Malleable Iron Butt TX00230BS $191.20
Kidney Butt TX00231 $143.15